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A Scented Letter: The Future of Fragrance - What's In The Bottle?

Yes, just what IS in the bottle…?  Strongly linked to scent-lovers seeking more sustainable products, we’re seeing informed customers who also want to know exactly what’s inside their bottle. Influenced by farm-to-plate food, the beauty science-geek explosion (and of course, the naturals –v– synthetics conversation), greater transparency towards ingredients will be a key trend.

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Waterfront: First Impressions

If we weren’t excited enough about the launch of a new London-based fragrancebrand thought up by two experts who have worked with Francis Kurkdjian,Diptyque and Barnaba Fornasetti, we are by Ostens’ Impression collection.For these fi ve unisex scents, founders Laurent Delafon and Chris Yu havegiven famous perfumers a key ingredient to work with. In his ode to jasmineabsolute from Egypt, perfumer Bruno Jovanovic delivers, in his own words, “anintoxicating scent, a feathery and sensual femininity which completely shakes upyour senses”. It’s certainly an impressive start from the brand.

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