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    Fragrances for the curious


    each one inspired

    by a single raw ingredient


    "a true masterpiece"

    Marie Claire, Cashmeran Velvet


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    From the natural, and unexpected Rose Oil Isparta to the comfort and warmth of Cashmeran Velvet, each fragrance has been inspired and created using the very best ingredients for you to discover and fall in love with. Experience all six fragrances within our Discovery Collection and receive £30* towards your favourite fragrance.

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    Our Summer Impressions

    • Cashmeran Velvet

      Warm and enveloping, Impression Cashmeran Velvet is reassuringly comforting and familiar. A soothing combination of cashmeran velvet, sandalwood, and cedarwood shavings imitate the texture of velvet and the softness of cashmere to create a sense of calm and contentment.

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    • Patchouli Heart No. II

      This is patchouli like you’ve never smelt before – fresh, aromatic and elegant. Delicate notes of Iris resin and Violet leaf add a soft, powdery, vintage-like quality that’s brightened with Ambroxan and Patchouli Heart to create a clean, aromatic fragrance with a distinctly timeless quality.  This is patchouli made modern.  

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    • "A fragrance house like no other.... in my opinion one of the best fragrances in the world... a true masterpiece."

    • "A brand new perfume house that has given some of the world's finest perfumers a blank canvas to express themselves in fragrance form. The results are stunning"

    • "Any one of these perfumes will spice up your nights in."

    • "A fragrance brand that if you haven’t yet heard of, I’m confident you soon will."

    • "Ripping up the rule book of perfume."

    • Meet Ostens

      Ostens was born from our desire to create beautiful fragrances, using the world’s finest ingredients in their purest form. Bringing together five of the world’s most celebrated master perfumers, we asked each one to dream big and awaken their imagination without rules or limitations.

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    • Discover our Fragrances

      Our debut fragrance collection includes six carefully crafted ‘Impression’ Eau de Parfums. Each one arrives paired with its own Préparation Oil allowing you to smell the raw material that inspired the fragrance creation while making you feel part of the journey with us or while making you feel part of our journey

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    • Explore our preparation oils

      Each of our fragrance Impressions started as a single note chosen from a library of thousands. These notes, which we call Préparations, were given to our perfumers to inspire the very best fragrance creation – no brief or budget, simply talent and imagination.

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