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Brand Story


Having worked within the fragrance industry for over 20 years alongside some of the most creative minds and noses including Francis Kurkdjian, Olivier Polge and Yves Coueslant to Lyn Harris, Sophie Labbe and Dominique Ropion, it was maybe only a matter of time before we eventually poured our combined knowledge and passion into our own creation.

When we look back, the most obvious and ‘magical’ moment was during a trip to Grasse. Having never been, but curious about the ‘perfume capital’, we like so many others went expecting to walk along cobbled streets, breath fragranced air and stumble upon family-run workshops where ingredients are harvested for perfumes made by hand. The reality was far from that and so we quickly pushed aside our romantic notions and instead got ready for dinner. 

That evening, stepping into the home of our friend Agnes Costa felt like walking into another world. Surrounded by a crowd of ‘Grassoises’ young and old, we were welcomed with open arms and instantly swept up in the sharing of food, wine, stories and above all laughter. Taking a moment to drink it all in, we were captivated by the energy in the room but mostly the undeniable passion for fragrance felt by everyone, and just like that, Grasse suddenly made sense.
The next day, we were introduced to Bertrand de Preville of LMR Naturals by IFF. Being at the forefront of the natural’s movement, Bertrand and his team supply materials to the very best perfumers in the world. Willing to share, Bertrand spent the afternoon guiding us through a catalogue of over 200 ingredients – each one more exciting and surprising, a carnival of scents exploding in our noses and minds. We were mesmerized. The more we learnt about LMR Naturals by IFF, the more we started to appreciate how many ingredients were available.

We loved their dedication to sourcing sustainably, constantly challenging waste and that their starting point for any new creation was asking ‘is this beautiful?’

During that trip we wondered what could be created if there were absolutely no constraints?

What would the perfumers, this dedicated group of brilliantly talented artists, using the palette available to them in the highest dose possible, create for themselves?

Over the next few months we worked with five of the world’s most celebrated noses. At first, they were understandably hesitant, after all we were asking them to challenge years of process but once they felt safe, permission granted, each one started to stretch their creative muscles, dream big and turn up the volume of fragrance as loud as it would go.

The result of ripping up the rule book is Ostens – our debut collection of six carefully crafted Eau de Parfums that we’ve paired with each ingredient ‘inspiration’ - captured within an oil - allowing you to experience the raw material just as we did in Grasse. From the natural Rose Isparta to the discovery of molecule Cashmeran Velvet, each Eau de Parfum is an authentic expression of talent and creativity unleashed, ingredients in their purest form combining provenance and beauty for you to discover and fall in love with.