Préparation Oil Collection

 “The Préparation Oil Collection features the five single notes that inspired our Impression Eau de Parfums. We’d never experienced the beginning of a fragrance quite like this before, and wanted to share this part of the process, so you can enjoy the journey with us too.” 

- Chris & Laurent, Ostens Co-founders

 Q: How Does The Préparation Oil Collection Work?

There’s five oils featuring the world’s finest ingredients for you to discover and wear. Enjoy finding out what these notes in their purest form really smell like!

Q: What’s A Préparation Oil?

One of the star ingredients that first inspired our Impression Eau de Parfums. These highest quality oils of rose, jasmine, patchouli, cedarwood and cashmeran velvet are exactly the same as the perfumer would smell and mix with.

Q: How Do I Apply Préparation Oil?

Use the wand to apply the scent until you reach the level you like. Think pulse points such as upper wrist and neck, then massage oils onto this warmer skin.

Q: Where In My Fragrance Ritual Do I Use Préparation Oil?

Use the oil first, then follow with the matching Impression Eau de Parfum if you want a fail-safe combination. Layer together or each can be in different places … just have a play!

Q: Can I Use Préparation Oil With One Of My Favourite Perfumes?

Yes, you can! Wear it with any of your fragrances – the easiest way to start is with one that also features the same ingredient. So rose oil with a rose scent and jasmine oil with a jasmine scent and so on.

Préparation Oil 3 WAYS!

Take inspiration from Chris & Laurent to create your own fragrance ritual.

  1. Préparation Oil

I massage the oil onto my skin in the morning, adding little by little until I reach the strength I want. But you can use before bed, it has that intimate quality, it’s a scent you can enjoy for yourself. – Laurent

  1. Préparation Oil + Impression Eau de Parfum

Each oil inspired its own Impression Eau de Parfum, so layering the matching pair is fail-safe. Think of Préparation Oil as wearing something beneath that no one else can see, but makes you feel good! – Chris

  1. Préparation Oil + Your Favourite Perfume

Once familiar with the collection, it’s time to play! Match a Préparation Oil to a favourite fragrance featuring the same ingredient. So if you love Chanel No 5 which has a rose note, try with Rose Oil Isparta. Or just email us to ask at – Chris