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The Preparation

Each Impression Eau de Parfum is inspired by a Préparation – a single ingredient, chosen from a library of thousands, for its ability to excite and intrigue us. We gave each of our five perfumers a different Préparation to work with – to use it exactly as they wished, to dream big and create the very best fragrance imaginable. Wanting you to experience the same sensory journey, we’ve paired each Impression with a complimentary Préparation Oil allowing you to smell the raw material that inspired the fragrance creation while also encouraging you to wear it as a scented oil alone or together with your Impression.

How to Use

While there are no 'rules', we recommend that you sweep two or three drops of the oil across clean skin using the wand or your fingertips. We love to apply a little to our wrists, neck and behind our ears. Next, spritz the Impression Eau de Parfum over the Preparation and layer the two together.

Discover Each individual Preparation

  • Preparation Cashmeran Velvet

    Cashmeran Velvet is a synthetic molecule which mimics the scent of warm, comforting woods with a slightly charred and smoky quality. It’s a note that we’re obsessed with for its ability to feel instantly tactile and evoke the feeling of being wrapped in a huge blanket. We couldn’t wait to use it as the inspiration for a fragrance - we love the look on people’s faces when they smell it for the first time.

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  • Preparation Cedarwood Heart

    Cedarwood is such a discreet yet magical ingredient, normally used in the base of a fragrance to hold everything together. We love the way Cedarwood Heart leaves a dry, almost pencil-shavings scent on the skin that’s then softened by an unexpected, slightly creamy and almost vanilla like quality. To us it has a real sense of elegance and style about it.

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  • Preparation Jasmine Absolute

    We’ve selected Jasminum Grandiflora grown in Egypt, for its fresh, natural, almost stem-like scent versus Jasmine Sambac from India which is much headier and more tropical – sometimes cloying at times. As with most florals, Jasmine is presented as a predominantly feminine fragrance, however we’ve changed that and think of it as a really happy, easy to wear, beautiful smell - perfect for everyone.

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  • Preparation Patchouli Heart

    Since its cult following in the 60’s, there’s been a love/hate reaction to Patchouli and it’s intense ‘hippie’ scent. We wanted to change that and from the moment we smelt Patchouli Heart from Indonesia we knew that this softer, warmer, more modern interpretation was special. As a result, we now have two very different inspirations for you to choose from – both surprisingly creative yet undeniably sophisticated.

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  • Preparation Rose Oil Isparta

    A rose is a rose…or so we thought until we smelt the unique scent of the Rosa Damascena from Turkey. Unlike the ‘traditional’ version that we are all accustomed to, this is a much more complex, living variety, un-mistakenly rose-like in character, yet full of red berries and sweet lychee notes that add vibrancy and elegance. It’s the scent our friends keep asking for.

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