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Huffington Post Online: Wedding Perfume: 10 Magical Scents to Choose From For Your Big Day

Picking a perfume to wear on your wedding day is deeply personal. It’s a scent that will always evoke memories of your special moment and years later will transport you back there. 

And while you may have your dress (or jumpsuit), shoes, venue, centre pieces,cake and mini-moon sorted, finding the perfect fragrance can be a little harder.

While it isn’t the biggest priority when planning a wedding, if your budget allows, the perfect scent can make your day even more memorable. 

To help you in your search, we’ve curated a list of 10 traditional and more unconventional fragrances to add the finishing touch to your day.

We’ve also taken into account bottle sizes, so if you want to keep a palm-sized spray close to top up or a full-size bottle to have and to hold, long after the day is over, you’ll find something to suit your every olfactory need.