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Red: Best Of Beauty 2018 Winners

It's been a busy year for beauty: cannabis-infused creams and oils hit the high street, sustainability went mainstream and, if we weren't researching the latest supplements for our skin and hair, we were massaging our faces with crystal rollers. But, amid all the hype and hope, the claims and fake news, there was a lot that Red's beauty team agreed on, with everything on these pages being tried, loved and taken home by us.  We hope you find some new favourites here, too.

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Persolaise: The Best Perfumes of 2018 - Nostalgic Defiance

Perhaps the most heartwarming of Ostens' deliciously geeky releases is this take on nostalgic comfort from Dadier.  Using tobacco to form a bridge between galbanum and cedar, it is part a trip into a freaky, Hansel & Gretel fairy tale, part a magical day spent at your favourite grandparent's.  In other words: enchanting.

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